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Man clothing Torino


A style issue

For more than 60 years our store suggests a wide variety of choices for man clothing in Torino. We are dressing men with the most notorious brands in fashion industry as well as with excellent price points. You can find everything elegant, sophisticated or casual such as sweaters, sweatshirts, jackets, jeans and of course polo, sportswear and classic style clothing. From the everyday look to the special event one. We will find your stylish outfit for every occasion.
We suggest large collections by combining price and quality. Because we are care about every detail we suggest outfits suitable for every situation and occasion. Vestal is the fashion’s Olympus. This means that you will be able to get dressed with what you like as well as what suits to your shape. Do you love a casual style or you tend to be more classic but without giving up practicality? Well, then, you are on the right place! It is up to us giving your wardrobe a makeover. You can trust our suggestions.
Every outfit will be pared with the right and suitable accessory: backpacks, carryalls that are going to complement your look with the right dynamics and practicalities. Our store suggest as well belts, ties, shirt cufflinks, wallets and purses: style is a matter of details!
Come and visit us, a wide range of man outfits is waiting for you. We will provide you with the best suggestions and assistance fulfilling all your needs and requirements. Our staff will take care of your look and together we will choose the most suitable dressing for you: do not hesitate and come to the store: we prefer styling choices!